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Presentation Tips – Improve Your Presentation Skills


In today’s generation, presentation skills are very important. Usually a presentation is formal information that you use to communicate to others in a meeting or gathering. Many people have stage fright, but by practicing you can avoid any phobia or presentation anxiety. Presenting well is the best way to convey your ideas to others. But to give an effective presentation is not an easy task. A presentation requires many things like self-confidence, research, public speaking skills and organization. Here are some tips to help you with presenting:

How to organize your presentation:

  • First and foremost your presentation structure should include problem and solution.
  • Your content should be divided intuitively.
  • Your conclusion and summary should be clear and effective. Ensure that your audience has a pleasant ending.
  • If you want to invoke a friendly interaction with your audience afterwards, include some questions at the end of your presentation.
  • If you want to end on a pretentious note, close out with a quote you like.
  • End the presentation with a slide which has a thank you note or message with your contact details. Ideally you should have both.
  • Make sure your presentation does not extend the time given!

How to present to the audience:

  • You should avoid jargon & highly-technical language.
  • It’s best to present live examples / demos when possible.
  • Do not deliver your speech too fast, be cool and present clearly.
  • Make sure your speech can be heard by the last row of the hall, but don’t shout (unless you have no choice).
  • Pay attention to your body language because non-verbal communication speaks more than verbal communication. 
  • If you are not using your hands for any explanations/demos, keep them to your sides or on the podium.
  • Make sure you have spontaneous and natural gestures.
  • Never forget to maintain eye contact with the audience during the presentation.
  • Your dress code should be formal and pleasant.

Tips for improving your presentation skills:

  • Know your audience beforehand, in order to give the most effective presentation. Understanding the audience is very important.
  • Presenting should never be a one-way communication; engage the audience in your topic!
  • Don’t be too serious– have some fun with the audience.
  • Your presentation should not contain unnecessary data which is not relevant to the topic.
  • Your slides should be attractive and make sure you are using charts & diagrams for audience members who are visual learners.
  • Prepare your first slide in such a way that it grabs attention.


Presentation skills are necessary for all types of professionals. You can improve your presentation skills by following this list of presentation tips.

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